10 thoughts on “Best Roulette Strategy Ever !!! 100% sure win !!

  1. well nice accent dude, not. There is no way to win 100% of the time in any game. then it wouldn't be a game and then it wouldn't exist. even if you play 35 numbers 1$ on each you will lose 2 out of every 37 spins.. which not even that is 100%. you can predict roulette if you're smart and good with numbers but it's never gonna be 100% nothing will ever be 100% sure listen to Einstein

  2. Let's see this system used in real play mode with real money. Your results will certainly be different.

  3. 100% chance winning strategy would be to bet on red every single time and when you lose double up on red and stay on red and every time, then you lose then double up again as in 10 20 30 and so on you're guaranteed to hit read at some point and make the money back and proceeded back to the minimum bet

  4. The best way to win is to use the no deposit betting offers no risk and chance and winning, take a look at the offers on https://punterbonus.com – some really good offers for UK players

  5. this system will help to lose all, you won with this system 99 times, and just need 1 time, even you cover 32 numbers, you have not won yet.

  6. It is baddest strategy ever. Cuz you bet big amount every time you cheese the numbers. You can bet half this amount on single numbers and gain 36 times.

  7. Nobody will believe me i knw ull think m just joking or fooling bt i need a big amount to be invested n the result will be in front of uh Cz the way i play i need a big amount for that bt don’t have that .if someone has extra can try once can change his or her lyf n myn too ☺️👍🏻all the best
    +1 6475628789 the formula to play this confedential if anyone interest may call

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