High Endurance Roulette Strategy!

Roulette Strategy Video Information:

A deceptively simple system, performs amazingly against a very bad Win/Loss ratio.
In this video we have faced Loss after Loss after Loss, yet in the end, we managed to win, without ever risking too much or breaking our bankroll.
This is the perfect beginner’s strategy.
This is the real deal! You’ll never know how good is your strategy, until you test it against really bad spins.
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Roulette is a game of Luck. Your Results May Vary and you are more likely to Lose than Win.
Out videos are for entertainment and education ONLY.
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High Endurance Roulette Strategy!

10 thoughts on “High Endurance Roulette Strategy!

  1. This makes about as much sense as Joe Bidens plan to raise taxes on every hard working Americans.

  2. Just shows how fixed these things are… almost every hit is red!!! Absolute BS. And if you bet red all you'd get is black

  3. Most online roulette games are rigged and will wipe you out before you can increase that one more unit after two every losses.

  4. Not good system has eventually you will hit 15 reds in a row and goodbye to your bankroll.
    To avoid hitting consecutive colours in rows best to stop after 3 misses and wait for virtual win and start again.

  5. You trying to win £250 before you lose your bankroll.
    To avoid losing all of your bankroll have stop loss of £1000. The chances are good of winning £250 before losing £1000.

  6. I quit gambling 6years ago while being a banker,now I'm an expert trader earn $8,000 trading cryptoforex and stocks I'll guide you ?

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