Roulette Strategy: Black Snake

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Just a little twist on the Red Snake betting method, enjoy!

Teaching different roulette strategies and other gambling related videos I’ve come across over the years. These are by no means a guarantee to win, remember the casino always has the advantage.

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Roulette Strategy: Black Snake

5 thoughts on “Roulette Strategy: Black Snake

  1. Ever considered getting a bigger wheel ? I’m thinking about grabbing a wheel but I want a big one.

  2. You can try placing 1 unit on 30 numbers and win 6 units per spin. Youll have like 80% chance every spin. Thanks to online casino I do it 3 spins a day, just to be safe haha

  3. I see a way to improve on this change the route go from 8 to 11 then 15 then 17-20-cover both 24 & 22 then 26-29-then 33-35, put a split bet between 28 & 31 and another split bet between 10 & 13 Total bet is 15 Units (chips) if you are using one unit per bet or 30 if using two..
    If the split bets win then use that to replace the bets and rack the remainder.
    If the straight bets win Double the bet with the win and rack the remainder.

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