10 thoughts on “The best dozens and columns roulette strategy!!!! Crazy profit fast. !!!

  1. Cool I was just testing a strat just like this, Great Minds right 🙂 lol
    The only difference was I separated the 2 dozens and 2 columns as two different bets.
    So if a dozen won but the column lost, I would martingale the column but stay the same on the dozen.
    I like your way as well since it is not a true MG.
    Maybe you would test them side by side some time just to see how each strat works better.

  2. I enjoy your roulette strategies just as much as your craps so please continue to do both not just craps please. Good luck on your trip

  3. Unfortunately your wheel just isn’t a good representation of the casinos. Your ball sticks as soon as it drops. In casinos, the ball skips and floats

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