How To Play 6 Plus Hold’em: The Rules Explained

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The High Stakes world of Macau can now be played online over on William Hill Poker. Now offering the exciting world of 6 plus hold’em which makes regular hold’em games look slow paced and boring. Learn the rules here!

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How To Play 6 Plus Hold’em: The Rules Explained

5 thoughts on “How To Play 6 Plus Hold’em: The Rules Explained

  1. Ok, here is a poker hand scenario: A player is dealt A–A or A–X (etc) and the board runs out 6–7–8–9–X, rainbow in suits.
    Does that makes a straight???

    And if the player holds a one gapper 9-7 and the board runs 6–A–X–X–8 is that a gut shot straight??

  2. this is bullbad and you are a big fukin liar, this game was being played back in 1982 with the greeks , its actually called POKA , ask any greek , you fukin bullbadters tryin to make others look good , fukin stop lyin you fukin guy… the rules are what you say but this game is and was played everywhere in europe decades ago and still play today…..

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