A Visit to Casinos in Macau, China (Macao) – The Gambling Capital of the World

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Steve Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, visits casinos in Macau, China, also known as Macao. It is the gambling capital of Asia, as well as the gambling capital of the world. While in Macau, Steve interviews Spencer Musick, an American who lives and works in China and is knowledgeable about the Macau casinos. They discuss how casinos in Macau are different from those in the U.S. , which games are the most popular in Macau vs. Vegas and how the two cultures differ on their approach to gambling.

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A Visit to Casinos in Macau, China (Macao) – The Gambling Capital of the World

10 thoughts on “A Visit to Casinos in Macau, China (Macao) – The Gambling Capital of the World

  1. They're 6 times higher than Vegas because the Chinese have more degenerate gamblers than anyone else in the world. Yet they won't spend an extra 10 cents on a banana if they cant get it cheaper somewhere else. LMAO

  2. Macow bad ass who would go to a third world badhole to gamble that Un American bastard can stay there ….VEGAS ROCKS

  3. I stayed at the Venetian in Macau. Very impressive cause it’s two times bigger than Las Vegas version. I thought the bridge from HK to Macau is open so you can take a bus or car.

  4. I am not going to Macau anymore. First time I visited Macau casino and I played 21. I got 20 points 3 times and deal got 21 points 3 times. then I know Macau casino …………. almost 27 years ago….my five thousand dollars gone…….to punish Macau casinos. I refused to go to Macau casinos for the rest of my life……

  5. u didn't mention pai gow tiles in Macau. it's better than baccarat, slower too. out east Sands Bethlehem has 8 tables of it, which is packed on evenings.

    I think I've heard in macau, players don't even look at the tiles , they select the hands based on feeling the dominos.

  6. If they build a Circus Circus, then you'll know they've gone too far building "the strip." Bought my first copy of The American Casino Guide in the last century. It was an absolute "must have" in making my first trips to Mississippi, Atlantic City, and, of course, Vegas. This video sure seems to prove Mr Bourie's continued commitment to informing those interested in travelling to gamble.

  7. Not sure if I'm interested or not. Doesn't seem like a place looking for tourists.

  8. Steve
    (1) What about live cash poker in Macau? Isn't there any? (2) I was planning to travel to Macau to play Blackjack but learning that they invariably use CSMs, I have dropped the idea. Can't win against a machine. Thanks for the info.

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