When is It Correct to JAM in Poker? Learn the Right Time to Do It!

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In this video, we’re going to talk about when is it correct to jam in poker. We’ll discuss the risks and benefits of jamming, and help you decide when to take the risk and when to hold back.

0:00 — Intro
1:56 — Preflop
3:42 — Flop
5:37 — Turn
9:36 — River
11:35 — Hero decision
13:28 — Reveal

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When is It Correct to JAM in Poker? Learn the Right Time to Do It!

10 thoughts on “When is It Correct to JAM in Poker? Learn the Right Time to Do It!

  1. Hero said that he "squeezed to 115" but wouldnt there have to be one caller or more in between for that to be considered a "squeeze"? Correct me if im wrong.

  2. Lol why is this even a call this is the most straightforward post flop hand I’ve ever seen

  3. Just my opinion, but we as the "poker community" need to start using the term "reduce" instead of "block" when speaking about reducing combos when holding "blockers". I believe the term blocker is only appropriate when a combo is blocked entirely. It is much easier to quickly understand this way during conversation and is better for the progression of the game.

  4. No one talking about how tiny this open is? 2.5x with the whole table to act is a strange size to go with

  5. I’d love to play with these crush live poker regs tho lol Cause I love punting money.

  6. Some day I am going to be in a crowded elevator at Encore Boston Harbor with Bart and I'm going to announce "Hey, this guy here called us a bunch of riff raff!" 😆

    FWIW, they just started letting people color up at the upstairs cage this past week. Although they change things around so much who knows what it'll be next week.

  7. I’ve watched around 30-40 of these videos and I’ve yet to see someone call from one of the cars rooms in Northern California. No calls from the California grand, bay 101, lucky chances. There’s actually a game at Parkwest casino in Manteca that plays pretty big it’s a 2/3 no cap

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