“Poker Gods! One Time!” | $100/$200 Phil & Jungleman React! Part 4

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Epic Poker Challenge highlights with all cards revealed and LIVE commentary from BOTH Phil Galfond and Jungleman — live poker strategy from the best! 

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In part 4 of this high stakes poker highlight series from the Galfond Challenge we get back to action at $100/$200 HU PLO!

While it might not look like it on screen, this heads-up poker match is cross-booked for 10X the stakes displayed on the table 😱! What you’re seeing is a truly high stakes heads-up Pot Limit Omaha match against the one and only Dan “Jungleman” Cates!

Online heads-up is always a treat, but seeing high stakes poker live streamed with thought processes directly from players like Jungleman and Phil is a real special treat for any poker fan, make sure to let them know if you like it!

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“Poker Gods! One Time!” |  $100/$200 Phil & Jungleman React! Part 4

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  1. This is fkn gold. The contrast in thinking and wording from you both is just hilarious

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